Thursday, March 2, 2017

My first slut ♥

I'm happy to announce that I've got My first little slut since My transition into Domme-only territory.  Meet R.

This is R. 
R. is a panty slut.

He also likes to wear bras.

And he likes to write embarrassing things on his body for Me.
♥ R. is a humiliation whore. ♥

This facial expression: All hail the Almighty Lipstick.  I will
wear it with pride, honor, and total humiliation.   

Then there's this face - you don't even wanna know how much
trouble we went to trying to get his face AND clit in the shot.

Close-up of the face because we don't want
anyone not knowing that it's him. ;)

Kisses everyone.  Yes, it's ME. Hahaha

See my pretty makeup?  Let me put it on for you all. 

Oh... um.. maybe I haven't thought this through.  Too late now!

Pulling up his big girl panties, cuz he's already
made the commitment, might as well own it!

If I adjust this just right, maybe it'll
look like I really have boobies.

Who can guess what we're drawing here??

Awww ♥  A heart!  How sweet.

Ownership established... yes...

Just one more addition.  Perfect ;)

Look at the little ass-grabber. 

And boobie grabber, too??  You really ARE a slut.