Wednesday, December 17, 2014


OMG OMG... NF is So. Friggin. FUN.

And soooo many guys that want to see me with BBC!  Holy shit, that's fuckin awesome.  Some want to watch and jerk off, some want to play clean up boy, some want to SUCK DICK.  There's some dirty little motherfuckers playin around on my line.... and I'm LOVING IT! There's this one guy that likes to fuck me right after and squish his dick around in the jizz before he cums... (lookin at you scotty boy) LMAO  And my slut chrissy who does, like, everything. Seriously, I mean EVERYTHING.  *MUAH* I love my boys.

Big Naked Hugs -
Lyds <3

1 comment:

  1. This sub is very willing to be your chastity slave and prepare you for others men like by helping you select sexy clothing, bathing you (in my chastity device or course), trimming your hair down below and of course 'blow drying' all of you (not toweling' afterwards with my breath. I can blow dry you boobs, armpits and perfect private parts of course no touching I understand!
    Sub Clitty Ann